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When is the last day you can send in federal income tax forms?
Although there is no official time for when you can actually start to file your tax return to the IRS, there is a strict deadline for when they need to be filed, and that day is...... Read More
How does filing your tax return as married affect your return?
When you are married, you are required to file a joint tax return that shows the annual income of both persons. Even if one of...... Read More
How long should you keep tax records?
Tax records are important because they can be used for you, and even against you in a court of law. Tax records prove how...... Read More
What benefits are there towards having a dependent(s)?
You are required by law to file your tax return every year before the April 15th deadline. For most people, you must file a correct number of...... Read More
What are the features of good tax system?
This is a question that relies heavily on your political way of thinking. A theoretically good tax system would be one that makes everybody...... Read More
How much are taxes in the US?
Taxes are the basis of revenue generated by the federal and state governments of the country. With that said, in terms of how...... Read More
What is the most important incentive of a taxation strategy?
There are many reasons why our government taxes us in so many ways. We have to pay income tax on the federal and state...... Read More
What are the differences between federal taxes and state taxes?
When the United States was created it was founded with the sole purpose of true democracy, and giving the power to the...... Read More
Is the federal income tax a progressive tax or a regressive tax?
A progressive tax is when the government imposes a tax code that allows them to charge higher taxes to those who have a lot of income, while charging a lower rate to those with a lower income. A regressive tax is when the complete opposite happens. The go... Read More
Why do people have to pay taxes?
The United States is the home of the free, and the land of the brave. We are a country in which is powered by the people for the people. In order to...... Read More
Can you find out if your tax refund will be taken for a past debt i.e student loans before you file?
Usually, if you already know that you have overdue taxes, child support owed, and/or student loan debt that you have accrued over time, then... ... Read More
What are the effects of sales tax on consumers?
Although sales tax may seem like a small amount that couldn't possibly affect the way consumers think, it actually has some extraordinary...... Read More