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What are the tax implications of drawing out the cash value of a policy?
When you receive a cash balance for anything you should expect some sort of tax to be taken from the initial amount. In terms of...... Read More
When do W-2's come out?
The Form W-2 is an IRS tax form that is given to you when you are an employee of a company that highlights the wages you have...... Read More
What age does earned income credit stop?
When someone is granted Earned-Income Credit, or EIC for short, that means they, either single or married, are part of the working.... Read More
Are federal taxes deductible on state taxes?
A deduction, in terms for taxing purposes, is when a taxpayer is able to subtract a specific amount from his/her income that can be...... Read More
Who collects state income taxes?
The way taxes work are that we pay them on the federal and the state level. Rates differ from state to state, but taxes generally work all the...... Read More
How does the lottery work?
The lottery is a state run game that revolves around the idea of a person purchasing a cheap lottery ticket at a local convenience store, and...... Read More
Which states don't have state taxes?
Unfortunately, all 50 states have taxes in some way, shape, or form. Otherwise their governments will not be able to function without having any...... Read More
What are a democrats beliefs on taxes?
As Republicans seek to lower nationwide taxes in an effort to promote big business and to keep the wealthy from using their money elsewhere, Democrats...... Read More
What is a tax preparer?
A lot of people don't need a tax preparer, as they are able to file and pay their taxes all by themselves, or they just don't...... Read More
Do you pay taxes on disability income?
When you retire, you are living off of your social security benefits for the rest of your life. Depending on how you conducted your financials...... Read More
What are payroll taxes?
When you are an employee of a company, you are expected to pay taxes of some sort to the federal and state governments. The taxes levied...... Read More
Do federal tax liens go away upon sale of the property to another owner?
Federal tax liens work in a way that when an owner of a property fails to pay their taxes, the government can establish a...... Read More