Can you use a judgment to garnish a person's tax refund?

Garnishing a tax refund from someone else means you are able to seize their refund in an effort to settle a debt they have towards you. Realistically speaking if you are a creditor from a bank and/or debt collecting agency, then the company could file a judgement against you in order for them to garnish your tax refund to settle your debt with the respective agency. It would need to be proven that you have failed to pay back the debt, and you don't have any other existing debt that takes precedence over the debt asked for. That's the only way in which your tax refund is at risk of garnishment from an individual person. They must be a part of a financial institutional entity, first. The IRS, on the other hand, has the ability to garnish your refund without a judgement for three reasons: if you have overdue taxes owed, you owe substantial amounts of child support taxes, and are behind on your student loan debt payments.

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