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What does representation mean?
One of the sole purposes in which our country was founded was our desire to have representation. When America was the... representation ~ action or speech on behalf of a person or group.a smaller way than presenting something... Read More
Can you use a judgment to garnish a person's tax refund?
Garnishing a tax refund from someone else means you are able to seize their refund in an effort to settle a debt they have towards...... Read More
How many months does the average worker need to work just to pay his annual tax bill?
The average American household brings in an average of approximately $50,000 of income every single year, with a +/- of $2,500. And every year...... Read More
How long does it take to get your federal tax return back in the mail?
Unfortunately, it does take quite awhile for you to receive your federal tax returns back in the mail. Ideally, it roughly takes about...... Read More
Are bank overdraft fees tax deductible?
If you happen to write a check or swipe your debit card for an amount you currently do not have the funds for that will result in a bank overdraft...... Read More
Can the IRS garnish your wages? If so, how?
The IRS has many powers and responsibilities, but there's one power that sticks out that not a whole lot of people know. The IRS does...... Read More
Can your ex-wife and her new husband legally claim your children on their taxes if she does not have
When it comes to claiming a child or children on a tax return after a divorce, things can get a little tricky. There are many factors...... Read More
How far back can you go to get state income tax refund?
Tax refunds are the best part about filing and paying your taxes. Every year, depending on if your tax estimate is more or less than your actual...... Read More
Do you have to file taxes on an inheritance?
Taxes are pretty strict. You must pay taxes on your income, your property, your estate, your goods and services you pay for every day, hotel taxes, and...... Read More
What did the 16th amendment do?
There are a lot of amendments that are historically significant. Amendments that include the right to free speech, double...... Read More
Do you pay taxes on all or part of your social security benefits?
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Why did my car get repossessed?
Repossessions can be tricky. Typically a repossession means an agent that is hired by a bank, debt collecting agency, and/or...... Read More